Episode 1: Exposing Floating Feedlots - Hell on Sea

Episode Summary:

Brazil’s industrial animal agriculture kills one pig and one bovine per second, meat exports included. They are one of the few countries still live exporting cattle. Just one of these floating feedlot ships can carry up to 27 THOUSAND animals. This increases the demand for animals being raised. Good for Big Ag, good for the meat packers, and more money in politician's pockets. Bad for LITERALLY everything else.

This is a global issue.

Animals injured on the journey are killed, then discarded into the ocean. 1-3% die en route. Massive amounts of manure from thousands of animals is washed directly into the ocean.

Live ships represent less than 1% of world's ship industry. The industry hates them because they give the industry a bad name.

This episode highlights the work of Brazilian activist and hero for the animals, trying to stop these ships completely, George Guimaraes, founder of VEDDAS (São Paulo-based): "Ethical Vegetarianism, Defense of Animals and Society works to promote animal rights and disseminate the arguments in favor of a diet and lifestyle free from the exploitation of sentient beings".

When asked what Brazilian animal advocates want North American folks to know about these live export ships, George stated: 

"Ships are not the problem. The whole meat industry is. But they are a great way to start a discussion because most people care about live ships because it seems like a practice far from what they are eating. I encourage that outrage and invite people to think about what is the difference from the regular transport and slaughter after all."

What can be done... at this point?

"Awareness. No more meat. Critically examine what (and who) you are consuming, in a global context. It’s all tied together. As for the campaign itself, give it more international exposure -- which is what I am doing here."

For More Information:

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News report (in Portuguese -- Google Translate this).